This website is a labour of love, because I want to tell the world all about Wales! I am not Welsh by genes, but since moving to this beautiful land, I have become Welsh by choice. There is a magic about the country that is hard to resist.

Wales has so much to offer to those who choose to explore it. The countryside is stunning, with mountains, valleys, streams, coastland and many historic castles, villages, town and cities. Walking, mountaineering, pony trekking and kayaking are just some of the outdoor activities on offer.

Music has a prominent role of course in “The Land of Song”, and the harp is recognised as a national symbol of Wales throughout the world. However, harpists and male voice choirs are just a small part of the musical scene. There is a thriving folk culture, with many people intent on discovering the music of past centuries as well as composing songs for present times.

Music is just one part of a very active cultural tradition, which is most apparent in the eisteddfodau. These are competitions for poets, singers, instruments, choirs, dancers and others. They start at the very local level in schools and small communities and culminate in the annual National Eisteddfod.

The Welsh language is claimed to be one of the oldest European languages in continunous use. Suppressed in the past, it was in danger of disappearance. Adult learners of Welsh are helping to keep it alive. These learners are to be found around the world and not all of them have a family link with the country.

The rich and tumultuous history of the country has given rise to inspiring heroes and other personalities.

The above matters are just some of the many aspects of Wales I hope to cover eventually on this website. If there is a topic that particularly interests you and you would like to see something about it here, please let me know. You can contact me using the form below. If the topic is something I feel able to tackle, and if I can find sufficient information about it, I will be glad to include it.