Glamorgan sausages

  • Glamorgan sausages
  • The ingredients for Glamorgan sausages include leeks, a national symbol of Wales, and Caerphilly cheese. I’ve heard that some people have problems finding Caerphilly cheese outside the UK. It is a hard, white, sharp, crumbly cheese. Wensleydale, Cheshire and Lancashire are a bit similar in character. You could try substituting one of these. Alternatively, if you are really stuck, a cheddar-style cheese will do, and possibly even feta. Stale crusty bread is used to make the breadcrumbs. If you have to use fresh bread, slice it and toast it lightly to make it easier to prepare the crumbs. Personally, I’m not keen on using ready-prepared, shop-bought crumbs, especially the bright orange ones that are laden with all sorts of additives.
Servings Prep Time Cook Time
8 sausages 15 minutes 10 minutes


Servings: sausages


  1. Wash the leek well and check that no grit remains within the layers. Chop finely.
  2. Make breadcrumbs by grating the bread on a fine grater, or use a food processor.
  3. Grate the cheese (if using Caerphilly, it will crumble a bit, so make sure you do not have any large pieces).
  4. Separate the yolk from the white of ONE egg. You’ll be using the white to coat the sausages, so it is best to have it in a saucer or shallow container.
  5. Place some flour in another saucer.
  6. Mix the chopped leek, cheese and crumbs together in a bowl and add a good pinch of mustard powder.
  7. Break the whole egg into the bowl and add the yolk from the separated egg. Mix everything together well.
  8. Add enough milk for the mixture to bind.
  9. Using your hands, make 8 sausage shapes out of the mixture.
  10. Beat the left-over egg white with a fork until it goes frothy (It doesn’t need to be fully whipped into peaks)
  11. Roll the sausages gently through the frothy white, to coat them. Then roll them through the flour.
  12. Fry the sausages in oil or melted butter for 5-10 minutes until they become gold-brown. Some people prefer to grill them till golden or bake them in an oven for about 15-20 minutes.

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